Campo del Príncipe Granada

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Campo del Príncipe Granada

The statue of Christ on the Cross in Campo del Principe is known as "Cristo de los Favores" This is because of the tradition of asking the statue for three wishes on Good Friday. The statue was commissioned by the residents of the neighborhood in 1640 and installed on its current site in 1682.

The Campo del Principe Square is the largest in the city. In the past the square was used for many public events such as equestrian festivities in the open air and even autos de fe. Auto-da-fé meaning 'act of faith' in Portuguese ) was the ritual of public penance carried out between the 15th and 19th centuries of condemned heretics and apostates imposed by the Spanish, Portuguese, or Mexican Inquisition as punishment and enforced by civil authorities. Its most extreme form was death by burning. Nowadays the square has much more pleasant activities. There are many outside restaurants and there is a children's playground.

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