Flamenco at a Tablao de Flamenco

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Flamenco at a Tablao de Flamenco

A tablao is a place where flamenco shows are performed. Tablao are mostly found in Andalusia, In Granada, the Sacromonte caves or "gypsy flamenco caves" (zambras) are located along the Camino de Sacromonte. Tablaos tend to be decorated in a typically Spanish way with embroidered silk shawls, photographs of famous people, bullfighting clothes and capes. At a tablao they often serve drinks, they may offer samples of tapas, or dining on a full Spanish meal. This photograph is taken at the Rocio tablao in the Sacromonte. Some of the caves are long and thin. There are wooden chairs at either side and the flamenco is performed in the centre. The advantage of this system is that the dancers are very close to the audience and it is possible to get a very close up view of what is going on. The Rocio and Canastera cave are like this. The other posibility is to have a stage like in a theatre. Examples of stage tabloas are Reina Mora and Los Tarantos. The tablaos are normally quite touristy and the tourists are come on minibuses. It is possible to buy a ticket at the hotel and then the minibus pass by to pick the people up. This is OK if you don't mind being in a large group of people and you want everything organised for you.

The flamenco performances tend to be after 8.30 pm and may be even later. Another option is the Zoraya restaurant in the Albayzin. There is a fairly large restaurant and you can eat and watch flamenco at the same time. You can book these types of flamenco performance online Click here to book. A less touristy way to see flamemco is to go the the Chien Andalou which is just after Plaza Nueva on the left as you walk along the river. There is more info about the Chien Andalou here There is a flamenco whats on guide here

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