Sledging in the Sierra Nevada

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Sledging in the Sierra Nevada

Place above the ski station near to the albergue universitaria where you can go sledging. It is free - there is no ski lift- you can hire a sledge for 8 euros per hour or just use a plastic bag. Good place to go to enjoy the snow without the complexities of skiing. It is a good place to take children for a play around in the snow. It is usable from the start of December until April or even May, it depends on how much snow there is on any given year. It is normally usable after the official ski season has finished. I have been here at the start of May and there was still plenty of snow. There were a lot of 15 year old kids a little further up than this making mini ski jumps and other fun activities. The map below gives a map of the exact location where you can park.

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