Hiking in Granada

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Hiking in Granada

The whole of the province of Granada is a hiker's paradise. Almost everywhere you go there is stunning mountain scenery. The snow tipped mountains of the Sierra Nevada are visible from a very large area. The province of Granada is mountainous and almost every walk involves a fair amount of uphill walking.

If you want to come to Granada and go hiking there are many possibilities. If you want to be entirely freelance then the best bet would be to use sites like Wikilok which has hundreds of downloadable routes which include photos and detailed information. If you are staying in Granada there are some commercial tour operators who offer to take people on all inclusive hike excursions. The most popular route is the Cahorros de Monachil Hike just outside of Granada. For more information Click here

There are plenty of not for profit hiking groups for people who like hiking in the province of Granada. There are more English speaking ones on the coast. Just google it. Remember that the none commercial ones have no insurance and you have to be responsible for your own actions. If someone leads you into a blizzard the " virgin of the snows " might not be there to save you. An example of one of these groups is the Sexi Senderistas. Click here

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