Flower Adorned house in the Sacromonte


Flower Adorned house in the Sacromonte

If you go walking along the Camino de Sacromonte you will eventually come to the "house of the person   from Seville". The name could also refer to the Sevillana dance or the electricity company. At this house that you can take the pedestrian footpath  up to the Sacromonte Abbey. The facade is adorned with ceramics, copper objects and flower pots. I often see people waiting for the bus just down from this house. Take note that the buses along the Camino de Sacromonte are much less frequent than the other minibuses that circle the AlbaizĂ­n so you may be better off just walking along th the Cuesta Chapiz. There are good views of the Alhambra and you can also stop off for a drink and a tapa at the Bar el Pibe.

By the way: If you are staying in the Sacromonte or Albayzin you will always find free parking down the Camino de Sacromonte if you go far enough. Remember you can park where there are dotted white lines, not yellow lines. This also is the route of the Gypsy processions on Wednesday night at Semana Santa. You might see them practicing with just an empty platform with some blocks of concrete on to simulate Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

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