Mirador de San Nicolas Granada

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Mirador de San Nicolas Granada

Mirador de San Nicolas is one of the places you will almost certainly visit when you come to Granada. As well as the wonderful view there are usually several people offering products and services to the visitors. There are usually one or two people selling home made jewelry. It is possible to have you name written in Arabic and sometimes you can get a henna tattoo which washes off after 10 days or so. There is often a gypsy woman selling castanets and a couple of artists selling paintings. You will hear Flamenco music provided by people sitting on the wall and if you are lucky some Flamenco dancing. As Spain is a very bureaucratic country not many of the street sellers have the correct permits for their commercial activity and unexpectedly they will occasionally suddenly disappear when the powers that be are near.

Click here to see a you tube video of Flamenco music at Mirador de San Nicolas

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Mirador de San Nicolas

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