La Mezquita Mayor de Granada

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La Mezquita Mayor de Granada

The Mosque of Granada with the San Miguel Alto church in the background.

The Great Mosque of Granada is an Islamic temple inaugurated in 2003 in the city of Granada. It is the first mosque built in the city since 1492, after a hiatus of 500 years.

The mosque has a Center for Islamic Studies, which has a program of conferences, Arabic language classes, exhibitions and courses on topics related to Islam and the Islamic legacy in Spain. In addition, it also has a point of assistance to the needy and Muslims in general and a library with texts and audiovisual materials on Islam in Arabic, English and Spanish.

It is located in Plaza San Nicolás, in the historic Albaicín neighborhood.

The Great Mosque of Granada is made up of three well differentiated elements: the garden, the prayer room (which is the mosque itself) and the Center for Islamic Studies.

The Great Mosque has been decorated with sober elements borrowed from Islamic artistic traditions. The mihrab, which marks the direction of prayer towards Mecca, is a replica of the one in the Mosque of Córdoba. Cedar wood panels from the Atlas, carved by hand, contain an ayah from the Qur'an, where some of the divine attributes are named.

The marble panels of different colors are identical to those of the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. The large windows of the qibla are copies of those of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. The fountain and the mosaics in the patio that gives access to the prayer room have been made by artisans from Fez, Morocco, who have preserved the same designs and techniques used in Muslim Granada from 1000 years ago.

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