Carmen de los Mártires (2)

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Carmen de los Mártires (2)

Carmen de los Martires is a house and gardens not far from the Alhambra. The best thing about is that it is totally free to visit and there are not many people there so it can be a welcome respite from the hords of people you find at the Alhambra.

According to a display board at the entrance the gardens were put here by Queen Isabella as a place to remember the Christian martyrs.
This is a popular place to have civil weddings and you can see why it is very popular with people who want to get married, the surroundings provide very good backgrounds for photos.

There is an ornate fountain with large palms directly behind the mansion. There are walks along pretty flowerbeds with spectacular views over Granada. Lush and green gardens with statues and fountains, peacocks and ducks and little hidden benches to rest. There are no queues to get in. What is there not to like? There is more information about CARMEN DE LOS MÁRTIRES on this page..

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