The City of Guadix

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The City of Guadix

Guadix is a town of about 20 thousand people about 50 minutes away from Granada by car. It is an interesting day trip from Granada. The road which goes there has very good scenery with views of the mountains. It has a large cathedral with a museum where you can see the diamond encrusted jawbone of Saint Torquato. He is believed to have been one of the Seven Apostles sent by St. Peter and St. Paul from Rome to evangelize Spain.

There are a lot of cave houses in and around the city. Guadix has more than 2,000 underground dwellings, making it home to the largest number of cave homes in all of Europe.There is a cave museum in Purullena which is worth a visit. The family who run the museum actually live in the front part of the cave and you have to walk through their lounge and kitchen at the start. On Saturdays there is an open air market just over the river. Several cafeterias do excellent chocolate con churros.

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