Flower shop - Plaza Larga

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Flower shop - Plaza Larga

On Saturdays you may see people walking through the streets of the high Albaicin carrying potted plants. There are usually geraniums but they could be any number of plants that look good on a balcony for example, petunias, marigolds, chrysanthemums, pansies, fuchsias, lobelias, coleus, verbena, snapdragon, portulaca etc. They also could be herbs such as mint, purple basil, lemon balm, stevia etc. There is a small market in Plaza Larga 2 mornings per week. You can buy clothes, vegetables plants etc. Sometimes you may see a gypsy woman selling snails out of a bucket or even prickly pears picked in the Sacromonte.

Prickly pears are the small fruit that grow on the cactus which grows in the Sacromonte. The skin of the fruit has lots of tiny hairs which are very irritating if they get stuck in your skin. That is why the gypsy woman wear rubber gloves when they cut the skin off. If you feel adventurous and up for a new experience you should try one.

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