Rose Macaulay on Carlos V Place Granada.

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Rose Macaulay on Carlos V Place Granada.

This is a excerpt the travel book Fabled Shore: From the Pyrenees to Portugal. It was written by Rose Macaulay who wrote a travel book based on her solo car journey through Spain and Portugal in the 1940s just after the civil war.

"One enters Charles V’s palace armed with the disgust that such a piece of outrageous vandalism deserves. But in itself this massive example of Italian Renaissance classicism is, in its own pompous way, not unworthy of admiration. Its colour is a pleasant warm golden; it has a fine circular colonnaded court, some rich relief carving and some good marble work; the general effect, among the Arab daintiness, is of an awkward, lumpish, showy manliness, as of a wealthy and rather philistine new aristocracy embarrassingly planted in a harem. Fortunately it was never finished, so lacks the roof and the towering cupola which were meant to dominate the Arab palace."

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