Bib Rambla Square

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Bib Rambla Square

Most Spanish cities have a Plaza Mayor which is the largest square in the center of the city. For some reason the Plaza Mayor in Granada is called Bib Rambla. The names comes from the Arabic Bab ar Ramia, which means a gate which acts as a wall. Bibrambla is a very large square with a fountain in the middle. There used to be a lot of flower sellers in this square but the amount of rent they had to pay was too high for the profit they could earn on their kiosks. The square is surrounded by open air restaurants. Most of the restaurants are directed towards tourists who don't mind paying extra, few local people would frequent these places. If you don't mind spending a little extra for a good meal you would be better off eating at the Cunini which is just around the corner. For a much cheaper outside meal try the cepillo. Many of the restaurants in this area display prices outside with do not include IVA (VAT tax). As you always have to pay IVA this is a bit deceptive. In my opinion restaurants should display prices "con IVA incluido".
Around Christmas there are many stalls selling craft work which would be suitable for Christmas presents. There are occasional concerts and public performances. It is a good place for children, there is a cycle powered carousel and there are frequent open air impromptu performances by clowns and people who perform in return for donations. Bib Rambla is a good place to stroll through. There are plenty of interesting places nearby such as the Cathedral and the Alcaicería street which sells trinkets.

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