Albaicin (11) - balconies with flowers

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Albaicin (11) - balconies with flowers

This is a fairly typical view of a flower festooned balcony in the Albaicin. The plates hanging on the wall are typical Granada pottery which is usually blue on a white background. Many Albacineros (people who live in the Albaicin) are very proud of their flowers and these can create a very pleasant addition to the picturesque surroundings. There is a fair amount of maintenence involved in looking after the geraniums. In the heat of the summer they will need to be watered every day and unless they are sprayed every 3 weeks against Cacyreus marshalli which is the grub of a butterfy which lays its egg in the stems of geraniums they will become very ill. You can see the telltale black hole on the stems of affected geraniums. Most flower shops sell a spray against the "taladro de los geraneos". The geranium driller in Spanish.


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