Albayzin etching

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Albayzin etching

I lived for many years in the Albayzin. I used to go to a bar in Almuñecar on the coast called the Ragged Rock. It closed many years ago and the owner Andrew died shortly after closing the bar. Before the bar closed I asked Andrew for permission to take the print out of the frame take it home and scan the image. The image that you see comes from this scan. I spent several days in the Albayzin searching for the place where the artist had taken the original sketch. It turns out that the location of the image is going up the cuesta alhacaba looking left up the cuesta de san cristobal. If you want to compare this image to the reality in 2010 click here. I doubt if you will be walking up the cuesta alhacaba unless you are fairly fit. It is however the fastest way to get to the top of the Albayzin on foot from the arco elvira at the end of calle Elvira. There is however the enticement of a cold beer in Plaza Larga. The map below show where the photo was taken from. 

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