Aljibe (water cistern)

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Aljibe (water cistern)

An Aljibe is a water cistern. You will see them all over the Albayzin. The drinking water for the Albaicin used to be brought here in the Aynadamar "acequia" (water channel) all the way from "Fuente Grande" just above the village of Alfacar which is a distance of about 10km. When the water reached the top of the Albayzin it was channeled down the streets until it reached the Aljibes or storage tanks. If you know what you are looking for you can still see where the channels are where the water ran. They would let the water run until it was clear and then open the sluice gate and fill the Aljibe. The Aljibes that you can see in Granada are public Aljibes. The residents would come and fill up recipients and take them back to their houses for later use. Rich people would have their own Aljibe inside the house. (the Flamenco bar El Chien Andalou is inside a former very large private Aljibe)

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